As many people have probably noticed, there have been many growing changes in the last two seasons of Tibbetts Farm. Tibbetts Farm has been taken over by the next generation of family, Jonathan and his wife Kelly.

Tibbetts Farm started as a self serve road side stand in 1985 called Honest Johns. It then evolved in to Tibbetts Family Farm run by John and Elaine Tibbetts, which has been passed down to John's son Jonathan and his wife Kelly who have both been part of the business for many years.

Jonathan began working full time for the farm in 2000. He especially enjoyed the trucking and haying aspects of the farm, but was involved in all facets of the business. His wife Kelly started working for the farm in 2006, and they were married in 2010. Throughout all of these events, Jonathan and Kelly knew they some day wanted to take over the farm.

^ Jonathan and Kelly welcome you to Tibbetts Farm!

^ John and Elaine Tibbetts welcome you to the Tibbetts Farm.

Little changes here and there were made to begin the process. They began automating the business, introduced ipad cash registers, and along with John (fondly known as "the old man") facilitated the opening of the second location in Sanford in 2014.

They have worked to keep the locality of the business, focusing on their local customer base, and small business mentality. They can be seen picking veggies, making deliveries, running the cash register and working with the employees. They believe in their small business and are excited to see it succeed. They are also excited to continue to work with John and Elaine as they enter the next phase of their lives. You will still see John and Elaine around town doing farm business, and Jonathan and Kelly are happy to keep it this way!

Although times and faces are changing, the plan for the business will stay the same. Keep providing the town with daily picked fresh veggies, Barnyard Blend compost, locally tended and harvested hay, veggie/flower seedlings and smiling faces!

^ Jonathan and Kelly's dog Greta is the local "greeter" at the Farm Stand in Lyman.

^ This page is dedicated to those who supported us from the very beginning, it is our hope we can continue to make you proud!