Now offering restaurant pricing for local businesses- please contact us for more information! We will be happy to supply special orders for farm to table locations! Also offering speciality grain orders for those raising their own natural animals. Please call Jonathan for more information.


Tibbetts Family Farm pigs are naturally raised in a large pasture where they are allowed to be either in or out of shelter. They also have the ability to choose whether they want to be in the shade, or in the sun depending on their preference. They are provided with a constant supply of water, and food to ensure their happiness and fast growing. All of these things help to produce a better quality natural meat.

According to the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the public health agency in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “natural” may be used when products contain no artificial ingredients and are no more than minimally processed. Examples of minimally processed foods include those that are smoked, roasted, frozen or ground. Tibbetts Family Farm also ensures that its pork has no chemical preservatives, feed antibiotics or added color. They also promise that their pigs grow naturally without the use of growth enhancers or hormones. The majority of regular pork available today has been injected or pumped with water and phosphates to increase the pork's weight and shelf life. Tibbetts Family Farm does not permit "pumping" in its natural pork, so you can be assured that you are not paying extra for water and that no preservatives are added.

Tibbetts Family Farm pork products are inspected by the Maine Department of Agriculture, vacuum packaged, frozen and ready for your freezer. We sell only what we raise, it is important for us to know what goes into our animals as well as what doesn’t. Our pigs are given the same vegetables as those that we sell off our vegetable stand, which helps to assure that they are getting only top quality feed. Our pigs are processed, wrapped, and frozen at a federally inspected local butcher shop. Then it is brought back to the farm where the meat may be purchased at our farm stand at the corner of South Waterboro road and Clarks Woods road in Lyman, Me. This helps us to be sure that our meat is of optimal quality and taste and ready to go home with you. Call ahead for large orders, or to reserve certain cuts of our pork.

At 6 weeks


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